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21 June 2019

London’s best super salons

“In need of a mani, a wax, a blow dry AND a facial? More than a little bit pressed for time?

As our lives become increasingly frenetic, traipsing from one postcode to the next for beauty bookings becomes ever more impractical.

The answer? The Super Salon. A new breed of beauty one-stop-shop where you can get plucked, snipped, waxed, lacquered and generally zhuzhed to glossy glory, all under one roof…

…Located in the heart of Granary Square in King’s Cross, this huge, light-filled space is a super salon for the artistically inclined. The New York loft-inspired space is all polished concrete floors and exposed industrial details, and the artwork hung on the white walls is from an ever-changing roster of up-and-coming artists who partner with the salon to show their works for four months at a time.”

Radio King's Cross